1. Submission Process


Audition Video

  • The audition video may be of your dance group’s most recent performance or rehearsal video.
  • Make sure your video showcases the very best of your group’s abilities.


  • Junior Division
    • All group members must be 18 or under.
    • Groups may have a minimum number of 4 registered dancers.
    • Upper Division
      • All group members must be 18 or over.
      • Groups may have a maximum number of 3 registered dancers.
      • Upper Division is for solos, duets, or trios ages 18 and over.
    • Team Division
      • Teams must have a minimum number of 5 registered dancers.
      • Team Division is for adults, college students, and professional dancers but is open for all ages.
      • Groups can be comprised of dancers who are of mixed ages.

      Once your group has submitted an audition video, the World of Dance Tour Team will begin the audition process. After your video has been evaluated, we’ll let you know the answer either way. Your group’s primary contact will be notified with whether or not you’ve been accepted to compete/perform.

      2. Registration & Payment

      Once your group has been accepted to compete/perform, you can get your ticket as a dancer on the website.

      • The price for 2 (two) official directors of the dance group is free. Your group can have a maximum of 2 (two) directors who will be able to perform with the group.

      * The deadline to turn in registration and payment is 15 days prior to the World of Dance event date. Failure to comply will result in removal from the show.

      3. Music

      To complete the screening process, all dance groups must submit performance music 2 weeks prior to the World of Dance event date. All music must be in an mp3 or m4a format, and emailed to .The email format should be as follows:

      Email Title: Team Name – Category

      Music Screening Process

      After your dance group has submitted your music, the World of Dance Tour Team will make sure it meets our standards. The following rules apply:

      • Profanity and inappropriate or offensive language are NOT allowed. Since World of Dance is a family event, all music must be clean. Explicit content is also NOT allowed.
      • Music and performance time must not exceed 6 minutes in length for JUNIOR & TEAM DIVISION.
      • Music and performance time must not exceed 3 minutes in length for UPPER DIVISION.

      * After your music has been approved, performers will need to provide a backup USB labeled with the group name on it. The music file on the back-up USB must be the same file that was approved by the stage manager.

      4. PRE – SHOW PACKET

      To get you excited and ready to perform, the World of Dance Tour Team will provide a Performer’s Packet to each group’s primary contact. The packet includes your check-in time, show line-up, example score sheet, and other vital information pertaining to the event. Talent Packets will be sent one week before to the World of Dance event date.


      Curious about scoring? For each event, a panel of judges decides team scores. The Judges Panel will consist of 3 judges and 1 tabulator. All judges will meet the eligibility, training, judge skills level, and requirements set forth by the World of Dance event producers.

      All judges will score each competing team based on the following criteria:

      • PERFORMANCE: 20% (20 points out of 100 total points)
        • Facials
        • Energy
        • Stage Presence
        • Showmanship
      • TECHNIQUE: 20% (20 points out of 100 total points)
        • Cleanliness of Routine
        • Dynamics in Movement
        • Execution
        • Foundations
        • Body Control
        • Musicality
        • Timing / Synchronization
      • CHOREOGRAPHY 20% (20 points out of 100 total points)
        • Originality of Routine
        • Creativity in Routine
        • Concept
        • Variety of Routine
        • Musicality
      • CREATIVITY: 20% (20 points out of 100 total points)           
        • Music Selection
        • Transitions
        • Theme
        • Staging/ Blocking
      • PRESENTATION 20% (20 points out of 100 total points)
        • Costume / Performance Attire
        • Hair & Make-Up
        • Attitude/Facial Expression

      What are the deductions?

      • Unapproved Props for Junior Division – 1 Point Deduction per judge (up to a total of 5 points deducted from final score)
      • Music Longer than 6 minutes – 5 Point Deduction per second over time limit
      • Profanity in Music – 5 Deduction per curse word


      Venue / Staging

      • Dimensions of main stage are 340 m² , and has 25 m length x 14 m width.


      • Got props in your act? All of them must go through a screening process. The World of Dance Tour Team must approve all performance props prior to the event date. To get approval, email photos of your props to the Event Manager before the event. All props must be fire retardant. Any prop that hasn’t been approved prior to the event will not be allowed on stage.


      • Due to time constraints, tech rehearsals will not be permitted on the main stage.

      7. AWARDS

      To celebrate the most successful performances, World of Dance will hold an Awards Ceremony after the event.

      • World of Dance will award trophies to dance teams that place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd within each division.
      • First place winners from the Team Division will receive a 1.200€ check.
      • First place winners from the Junior Division will receive a 500€ check.
      • First place winners from the Upper Division will receive a 300€ check.
      • Additional awards will be given in each division for Best Theme, Best Costume, and Crowd Favorite. 

      8. WOD FINALS

      Championship Rules 

      • 1 – 3 Place winners with a score of 80 points or higher from Junior & Team Divisions, will be invited to compete at WOD Championship within their qualifying year.
      • The age of each dancer at the time of any WOD Qualifier (US or International) in which they competed and placed with a score of 80 points or higher will be aligned with the WOD event.

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